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Limestone crushing Plants in China

Limestone products is metallurgy, sugar, chemicals, one of the auxiliary materials such as cement industry, according to the standard can be divided into two categories, block ore and fine ore, in addition to the cement manufacturing, other industry demand are based on the block ore products. Production by limestone crushing process, factors such as geological conditions, powder grinding productivity can reach 40% ~ 60%, and the fine ore market demand is small, due to the production and sales of imbalance, backlog a great deal of fine ore is one of the main problem with limestone production, many limestone production enterprises are seeking to reduce the proportion of the powder ore and increase production of lump ore.
It is found that the main reason for the high powder mineralization rate of the crushing sieve system is the unreasonableness of the grinding process and equipment selection, the low efficiency of the vibrating screen and the flow of large blocks of ore into the powder mine. In the process of crushing and screening, the internal transportation has a shock, which causes the secondary crushing and also increases the powder mine. Therefore, from the above two aspects analysis, take measures.

In selecting crusher, we believe that the cone crusher should be used to minimize the use of hammer crusher because of the need to reduce ore fines and reduce maintenance costs. Although cone crusher initial investment cost is higher, but considering the human cost, fuel consumption, mechanical maintenance costs, and safety performance of supply and demand, cone crusher is the best choice of the limestone crushing equipment, high loss rate of hammer crusher, the maintenance cost also gradually replaced Through the cone crusher.

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