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What is the price of 150 tons of construction waste crusher?

"As long as there is spare space, can quickly become construction waste dumps", in the national wide range of city demolition wind, rebuild the rush of the wind, most cities in China suffered a particularly severe crisis of construction waste and ever. The construction waste number of the straight line increases a series of stolen, safe accidents, and the "uphill battle" between the city and the construction waste is becoming more and more fierce.

From construction waste in developed countries it is not hard to see in the given experience, junk just put the wrong location of the resource if the construction waste recycling, can also into a new type of renewable materials. By studying the concept and technology of international construction waste recycling, sanzhuo has taken the lead in developing a new generation of construction waste crusher. Compared with the improved counterattack crusher on the market, it overcomes the defect of the rebar winding rotor, and the overall performance advantage is more prominent.

After the breakthrough of the core crushing technology breakthrough, shanzhuo heavy machinery has successfully developed a new generation of mobile construction waste disposal equipment. It will be the whole classification of construction waste crushing and screening process combined with environmental protection device and the movable frame, so as to realize the urban central city construction waste on-site processing, greatly improve the existing construction waste recycling efficiency.
So for small and medium-sized investors, how much is the price of 150 tons of construction waste crusher in such a complete set? Because every customer on yield, regeneration technology, building materials have different kinds of requirements, equipment price range from hundreds of thousands to millions, if you want to know more detailed information, you are welcome to call shanzhuo mechanical consultants.

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