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How much does it cost to deal with 300,000 tons of construct

With the rapid development of new-type urbanization in jiangsu province in recent years, the ecological environment protection in urban construction cannot be ignored. Construction waste, as an accessory in the process of urban construction, is often regarded as "waste". To you but you can imagine: abandoned brick, stone, concrete, etc can be a "baby" of investors, what magic can realize "Midas touch"?

How much does it cost to build a 300,000-ton building waste product line?
"The construction waste disposal equipment produced by wing lung machine can solve more than 70 percent of the construction waste in the neighborhood, which is different from the national patent technology certification." Jiangsu green source new building materials co., LTD. According to the production operation of the equipment in the last year, the utilization rate of local construction waste resources can reach above 95%.
In this whole article of the construction waste crushing screening production line, construction waste crusher for the core technology of the construction waste processing, after it broken reduction for the regeneration of sand and gravel aggregate for use. Especially the key is, it can not only produce all kinds of renewable materials performance meet the national or industrial standards, and urban construction, especially for Yu Haimian price is lower than the traditional product market from 15%.
So from the investor's practical point of view: how much does it cost to invest in a construction waste plant that handles 300,000 tons a year? Yonglong machinery according to the customer local construction waste resource utilization situation, for the allocation of different recycling production line, to help investors to dig out the construction waste the "urban mines" more value.

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