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Construction waste crusher implements 95% construction waste

What are the main ways of building garbage? In the first place, the demolition and renovation project of the urban village is the first one, followed by all kinds of construction projects, renovation and renovation, which is also a great help to the construction waste. Taizhou city, facing the problem of construction waste, has made great efforts to support small and medium-sized investors to join in the construction waste recycling industry.

The crusher implements 95% construction waste resources rebiochemical.
Walk into the suburban taizhou zhaoping solid waste renewable resources co., LTD., a whole construction waste management production line methodically busy. Staff at the scene of the introduction, we know that this is from zhengzhou yonglong purchases of construction waste of a complete set of processing equipment, the use of concrete material, a brick construction waste such as crushing, the iron, screening, such as electronic ingredients into high quality recycled aggregates.
In the construction waste recycling project of 1000-1500 tons per day, wing lung machinery is a major highlight of the construction waste crusher. It in a more efficient and environmental protection have solved the problem of construction waste broken at the same time, but also overcome the steel coil rotor problems, technical breakthrough reached more than 95% of the construction waste resource utilization.
Have to say yonglong equipment excellent performance and high quality after-sales service by the customer the consistent approval, in order to help more better to complete the construction waste resource construction, wing lung machinery, from the perspective of the advanced technology and brand value, make a complete set of recycling equipment. If you also want to make a contribution to the current urban environmental protection work, you are welcome to call wing lung's customer service hotline for more information.

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