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What should be paid attention to in the selection of shale c

Shale (Shale), a sedimentary rock with a complex composition, having a thin sheet-shaped or thinly layered joint, consisting mainly of clay deposits of rock formed by pressure and temperature, but with a mixture of quartz, feldspar, and other chemicals. Shale (Shale), a small particle formed by the hardening of clay material, is easily fractured, and it is easy to split into distinct strata. A kind of clay rock. Complex composition, in addition to clay minerals, but also contains a lot of clastic minerals and autogenous minerals. With a sheet-shaped or flaky bedding. It is easy to crack with a hard object. The clay material is formed by compaction, dehydration and recrystallization. Shale resistance to weathering is weak, in the terrain often because of erosion formation of low mountains, valleys.

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Shale is impervious and often becomes aquiclude in the distribution of groundwater. Shale is used in many industries in the market, without the processing of small shale can be used as a building paving, not only to beautify the environment, but also to the economic development of China to make impetus, but this is only a small part of the role of shale, and a large part of the shale can be used in the construction industry,
And the shale needs to be crushed as we often say.
Shanzhuo Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing all kinds of ore processing equipment enterprises, in the market when the demand for shale processing we have been the experimental good crusher into the market for the corresponding use of the market, and the effect is very good, which specializes in shale shale grinder effect best. When customers buy Crushers and mills, most of its equipment processing products of the finished product quality, output, price and so is the most concern of customers, in the purchase of the most people will ask to use this equipment, see how this equipment to use, production efficiency and production costs, Production, etc. these are recurring questions. For these problems, our Henan Veken heavy industry can understand, because after all, this is related to our production and processing efficiency, this you do not worry, we heavy industry production of shale crusher and milling machine in the market by customers are used a lot of times, each customer after the use of our praise, Said our grinder produced sand particle size uniformity and production, no flake and miscellaneous materials, mill out of the powder pass screen rate of 99%, so you do not have to worry about, or you can come to my company for investigation, I believe you will be satisfied.

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