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Factors affecting the efficiency reduction and abnormal wear

It is well known that the sand making machine is the core equipment of sand making and artificial mechanism sand production, which has high performance crushing and sand production, can meet the demand of aggregate, and has its outstanding performance in construction and municipal construction.

sand making machine
The production line of sand making machine is satisfied with the requirements of each project construction, and also can meet the requirement of mechanized construction. But usually the equipment after the wind blowing rain and rain and other external factors, or its own operational problems will make the sand making machine equipment efficiency, the key parts of the sand making machine usually include bearing, impact block (also known as plate hammer), counter liner, chassis liner and rotor body of the shield.
So how to make the most of these parts, extend the service life, we need not only to operate according to the rules and regulations, but also know how to maintain and replace. First of all, we first understand the sand-making machine bearings, bearings are mainly used to fix the hammer and board hammer or impact plate, so that with the motor can be well matched. In addition, because the Crusher uses the rotary device to connect with the drive more, the bearing is also the necessary part.
The bearing lubrication technology used in sand making equipment adopts lubricant and lubricating oil, which can effectively reduce the wear of machinery and improve the service life of equipment. Secondly, the sand machine Abrasion Solution: Impact block (plate Hammer) is the production of sand machine wear the most serious, so the impact of the plate hammer wear what factors? In addition to the normal wear and tear in production, we understand that the processing capacity of the sand-making machine has a certain impact on the wear of the plate hammer.
When the processing capacity increases, the product granularity will be thicker, the crushing ratio is reduced, the unit pure abrasion of the plate hammer also with the reduction, similarly, change the size of the discharge clearance to a certain extent can also change the thickness of the product granularity, it has a certain impact on the plate hammer wear. In addition to the above, the new equipment into production, the necessary daily inspection is essential. Sand-making machine is the same. After each shift, also to carry out a comprehensive inspection, in particular, bearing seals, counterattack liner, liner wear seals to carry out a full range of inspection, the sand-making machine rotor and counter liner clearance for some necessary adjustments, can also effectively alleviate the wear of each vulnerable parts.

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